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How to Be Creative

    It’s not always easy to be creative, even for those who it comes naturally to.

    I remember when I was in school for advertising that we were always told that we would eventually have to pick a side—creative or business. There was no in-between!

    Today, I believe that anyone can be creative and should be creative to solve problems and innovate. Even folks on the “business” side of things have to have some level of creativity to problem solve and make things work.

    Are you wondering how you can be creative? We’ll look at how to flex those creative juices in this article.

    Why Can’t I Be Creative?

    Anyone can be creative, you just have to change your mindset. It’s common to feel uncreative because you can’t seem to come up with ideas that you think are good enough, or you fear that others won’t see the value of your idea.

    There’s unfortunately no easy way out of this. You have to build confidence in your creativity. Not everyone has to like your ideas or think that they’re great, but you will surely find folks who love what you create.

    The important part is to put your all into it.

    If you feel that you can’t be creative because you don’t have a certain skill such as the ability to draw or make music, there’s always something that you will be good at. If you like working on computers, you can find new and innovative ways to fix users issues. That takes creativity and skill!

    Creativity can be applied to almost anything. If you feel that you aren’t creative, we challenge you to try and find a new way to try.

    How to Be Creative

    By getting the road block of thinking that you can’t be creative out of the way, there are many ways that you can boost your creativity. There are times when even the most creative people don’t feel like they’re producing any good ideas.

    In times like these, don’t feel bad or beat yourself up about it. There are some things you can do to feel better and get your mind back on track.

    Take Some Time Away

    Some of the greatest ideas come to you when you’re not even looking for them. There have been many times when I’ve sat there, wracking my brain for a creative idea to no avail.

    Sometimes all you need is a little time away. Leave the computer and phone behind and go for a jog or walk. You might see something or hear something that sparks the creative bug within you and brings on a wonderful idea.

    Even if you don’t, some time away can clear your head and allow you to explore new ideas at a later time. Often, thoughts that we’re stuck on can block those creative juices from flowing.

    Take Inspiration From Others

    In business, companies are constantly assessing their competition and trying to improve upon their products. They’re always looking to find the next best idea that will take them to the next level.

    In music, musicians often listen to a wide variety of music. This can give them new ideas about the techniques or progressions that they may want to add to their own music.

    While you can’t outright copy someone, you can draw inspiration from them.

    Maybe you like the combination of colors that an artist used in their artwork and want to create something that gives off a similar feeling. If you’re investing, you may draw inspiration from someone else’s portfolio if they share it with you to see where you can add diversity to yours.

    Inspiration is good, copying is bad.

    Learn Something New

    If you’re struggling with creativity, sometimes taking the time to learn about something new can spark the creativity within you. It can be anything from learning about an animal species that you’ve never heard of to learning about something historical.

    The point is to learn something new about it and see if it can help you think differently about what’s in front of you.

    It may seem counterintuitive, but it can really work wonders. Give it a try!

    Write Out Your Ideas

    Writing out the ideas that you come up with does two things for you. One is that you won’t forget any of your ideas and can circle back to them later. Second, it can help get the idea out of your head so you can keep moving forward.

    Often, people struggle with moving on from ideas because they keep coming back into your head. By writing it down it gives you an easier time moving onto the next idea so that you don’t have to hold onto it for later.

    Why Being Creative is Important

    Creativity is important in everyday life. It can be beneficial for something as small as figuring out how to decorate the living room to something as big as releasing a new song.

    Creativity is a fundamental part of our everyday life. We can all benefit by flexing our creativity now and then.

    Iif you haven’t, please take some time to be creative today!

    Learn How to Be Creative

    With the tips that we’ve laid out in this article, you can start learning to be creative in no time. Everyone has creativity within them, you just have to know how to use it.

    Do you have any more tips to share about how to be creative? Please feel free to share them in comments.

    If you want to learn more about how you can start, learn or be something, be sure to read more on our blog!

    Will you give what you learned in this article a try?

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