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How To Make Your Own Word Search

    Word puzzles can be some of the most entertaining ways to challenge your brain. You can buy puzzle books or you can even make your own word search.

    Whether you want to try your hand at it for fun or to make money, it’s not as hard as you think to start.

    Let’s have a look at how to make your own word search in this article.

    Think of a Theme

    Before you can start working on your word search, you should try to think of a theme. It’s fine to start without one, but a theme can help you think of awesome words to include in your search.

    There are so many themes to choose from and you can pick one that you really enjoy. Here are some categories that can help you find the right theme for your word search:

    • Movies
    • Games
    • Books
    • Animals
    • Relationships
    • Plants
    • Hobbies
    • Geography

    As you can see, the possibilities for your word search are endless.

    Find Some Words

    Next, you’ll want to find some words that fit your theme. Look for names, places, and things that have to do with your theme.

    For example, if you chose gardening, you can go with words like “tulip,” watering can,” or “rose.” You should have a good list of these, especially if your word search is going to be a large one.

    For smaller searches, you’ll be fine with a small sampling of words.

    Determine the Size

    Next, you should think about the size of your word search. Are you planning to make it long and difficult for your searchers, or do you want it to be simple and easy?

    Consider your target audience. An adult will enjoy a lengthier and larger word search than a toddler will.

    With your target audience in mind, you can make a good decision about the size of your search.

    Make Your Search

    Now that you have all the planning done, you’re ready to start making your word search. You can make your word search in many different ways.

    One of the easiest is to use an online word search creator. You can plug in your title and words and the software will do the rest.

    Or, you can opt to create the search yourself, whatever you’re more comfortable with.

    Enjoy and Distribute

    With your crossword completed, you’re now ready to show it off to the world. Put it into your player’s hands by sending it to them or by creating a book geared towards puzzles lovers.

    You can even make it printable and start your own website online to have people play.

    Make Your Own Word Search Today

    Making a word search doesn’t have to be difficult. With careful planning and a will to do it, you’ll be making entertaining word search puzzles for everyone.

    If you end up making one, don’t forget to show us. We’d love to give it a try!

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    Will you give what you learned in this article a try?

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