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How to Start a Campfire

Ah, there’s nothing quite like enjoying a campfire out in the woods. So much open air and beauty to be had!

But before you can enjoy a roasted marshmallow on the fire, you need to know how to get that fire started.

Are you wondering how to start a campfire? Strap in and we’ll tell you how in this article!

How to Start a Campfire The Right Way

Always consider safety first! You want to be sure that you’ve got a lot of open space around you so that the fire can’t catch onto anything flammable.

Make sure that you have close access to water or a fire extinguisher in case of emergency. Always be prepared before setting your campfire ablaze.

With safety out of the way, you need materials to get it started. A fire must be started using dry wood. If you cut branches off of trees, it will be green. Green wood will not burn in your campfire, so you need to make sure that the wood is dead and dry before using it in your campfire.

Types of Wood For a Campfire

Knowing that you need dead wood for it to be able to burn in your campfire, you should also know the types of wood to have on hand for your fire.


No, we’re not talking about the dating app! Tinder is a firestarter. You need it to get your campfire started.

Good tinder should be very dry and is usually comprised of small pieces from trees. Often birch bark is used as tinder along with dry grass. These elements are easy to find and easy to light to get your perfect campfire started.


Moving up the list is kindling. You’re probably familiar with this type of wood which is usually made up of larger pieces than tinder is.

The kindling is the second step to sustaining a campfire. Kindling is usually made up of dry sticks and branches that are ready to burn.

Pile of wood branches debris, pebbles or gravel background.


Put your gas cans away! Fuel to a campfire is large logs or branches that are dead and dry. They will burn for much longer than your kindling and keep the fire toasty and warm.

The key is to find lots of fuel and use it once you’ve started up the fire. Always grab more than what you need just in case. You don’t want your fire to go out until you’re ready!

close up of chopped firewood

Make Sure That Your Firepit Is Ready

Before starting up your fire, be sure to prepare your firepit. Make sure that you have a clearly defined area reserved for the fire and ensure that there’s nothing flammable near it.

Unfortunately, it’s easy for disasters to occur if you do not prepare it properly.

Steps For How To Start Your Campfire

First, grab some tinder and place it inside of your fire pit. Next, grab your kindling and place it on top of the tinder. There are many methods of placing it, so you can choose the one that works best for you.

Once you’re all set up, grab a lighter or a match to start up the fire, You’ll want to ensure that you light the tinder. It will be easier and faster to light than the kindling.

As the fire starts to grow bigger, keep it alight by adding in kindling. Once you think it’s ready, start to add your fuel in as well.

Remember to be smart about how big you grow the fire. It’s very important to keep it contained and under control at all times. Be sure to use water or an extinguisher if you brought one if you feel that you cannot contain the fire before it’s too late.

Safety first, always!

Putting Out Your Campfire

Just as there is a safe way to start a campfire, there’s a safe way to put one out. Once the flames go out, grab some water and slowly pour it all over the firepit. Make sure that you use enough to fully douse the area.

You can also add some sand on top to help cool it down and put out the flames.

You can repeat this sequence until the area is cold. Once that’s complete, do a final check to make sure that the campsite is clear and spark-free, then you’re ready to go to bed.

Big bonfire with sparks and particles on snowy ground

Now You Know How to Start a Campfire

With the knowledge of how to start a campfire, you can easily get one started and enjoy a warm night with some friends. Soaking up the great outdoors with a drink and a few marshmallows has never been so easy.

Don’t have a firepit to start up your campfire? Listen to these campfire sounds instead!

If this guide helped you, be sure to learn how to start more cool projects now!

Will you give what you learned in this article a try?

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