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How to Start Speed Reading

    Reading is something we often learn early on in life. In fact, reading is actually very good for us in many ways such as for its ability to reduce stress.

    Though you may not realize it, your brain is constantly processing and taking in new information. Much of this is achieved through reading.

    Reading so much each day must mean that we’ve gotten pretty good at it, right? Of course, but we should also consider that there still could be room for improvement.

    We can take our reading speed to the next level with a little work.

    Wondering how to start speed reading? Let’s race into how to do it in this article.

    Why Should You Start Speed Reading?

    The average reading speed is somewhere around 250 words per minute.

    The world’s fastest reader is none other than Howard Berg, who can read more than 25,000 words per minute according to the Guinness Book of World Records!

    There are many reasons why you may want to start speed reading, and all are valid. It may be because you want to reach a goal of reading as many books as you can this year, or because you want to kick your efficiency up a notch at work.

    For many, speed reading is just a fun talent to have!

    No matter the reason, speed reading can really come in handy in many practical situations.

    How to Start Speed Reading

    With some facts out of the way, you can now learn how to start speed reading. In a few simple steps, you can get on the path to reading faster, but as with many things, practice will always make perfect.

    So, after using these techniques, be sure to keep up with your practice daily.

    Assess Your Current Reading Speed

    Before you start learning to speed read, you need to know where you’re at right now. If you don’t assess your current speed, it will be hard to tell if you’ve improved once you start practicing.

    Make sure to find out how many words you can effectively read per minute, now.

    You can do this by taking some online speed reading tests to see how many words per minute you can currently read.

    Stop Speaking, Start Reading

    As you’re reading this, you’re also hearing the words in your head. You probably hear the words in your head in the same manner as when you speak them out loud.

    To read faster, we have to try and eliminate this pattern. The best way to do that is to try and put less stress on hearing the word to comprehend it, and more on just letting your brain process the words instead.

    Rather than hearing the full word, reading faster will allow you to take in a big chunk of words, and hear them selectively.

    By doing this, you can leave behind the sound of each word and focus on groups of them instead.

    Remember Comprehension

    What’s the point of reading faster if you’re not absorbing and understanding the text?! When speed reading, you want to read and comprehend the most amount of content as you can.

    Speed isn’t everything, as reading an entire piece of text and not having an understanding of it is not a great idea. You want to ensure that you balance speed with understanding.

    With that being said, if you notice that you’re not getting a good understanding when speed reading, try to slow it down a little bit. Practice at that pace and once you feel that you’ve got it down, try to speed up a little more.

    Don’t try to be the fastest, work your way up to being the fastest instead!

    Set Speed Reading Goals

    We touched on this a little bit above, but setting goals is a great way to help yourself speed up.

    If your current reading speed is 200 words per minute, set a goal to try and hit 215 words per minute. Don’t forget that you need to understand the text that you’re reading as well.

    Now You Know How to Start Speed Reading

    It’s not so difficult to learn how to start speed reading if you take it slow and steady. It may sound contradictory, but you should take the process slowly as you learn to speed it up.

    Have you tried speed reading? Let us know how much you’ve improved in the comments.

    Looking for something new to try that you want to know how to start? Read our blog to find out how!

    Will you give what you learned in this article a try?

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